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Digital Asset can be referred to as any digital material that is owned by a company or individual. You can earn passively from digital assets for example: e-commerce websites, blogs, social media pages,etc.

You do not require any skills to run the websites purchased from us, our team of experts will be in charge of all day to day activities. However, we are also available to teach you whatever you need to learn.

All our sites are deemed equally profitable and handled by capable hands. you can pick whatever niche you are interested in.

We’re an American based company. So, there is no VAT included in the purchase and payment. You just need to pay the fare value for the product that you’re going to purchase.

Generally, we transfer the revenue that you have earned. Regarding income tax, it depends on which country you’re living in; what income tax policy your country has. So income tax will be provided by you.

We currently have over 30 websites in different categories. Our highly professional developers are also on ground to build whatever type of website you want from scratch.

From our experience and predictions, a new e-commerce website usually takes 12-15 months to start generating revenue.

Once you complete the purchase of a website, You will be required to create an account on our website. your account will have a dashboard that shows real time updates on the website activities. We will also share monthly updates on website performance.

Websites generate revenues in multiple ways including Sale of Products, Google ads, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, Sponsored posts etc

We are fairly certain that websites begin to generate revenue within a month of active operations, however, if this does not happen, our team will continue to work hard on your website until it begins to earn a revenue

We are happy to buy back or help transfer ownership of your site at any time!

We usually promote sites by using Google AdWords, Social Media Platforms, Content Marketing, influencer marketing etc. All our websites have dedicated business pages on Facebook and Instagram where we post products periodically.

Digital Asset can be referred to as any digital material that is owned by a company or individual. You can earn passively from digital assets for example: e-commerce websites, blogs, social media pages,etc.

No you do not. You may simply play a supervisory role, however if you choose to be more hands on, we won’t mind!

No you are not. We will take full liability of any activity on your website.

Yes, you may work with our product analysts and content team to add any products or content you like to your website

Once you purchase a website, the domain name and other properties are transferred to your name. We retain 25% of the profits to ensure that we remain committed to making your website work .

You can end the contract with us at any time after your purchase. You will get full ownership of your website. However, we wish to maintain a long term working relationship with our clients.

We take care of almost everything. Check out our service areas as followings:

  1. We build lucrative websites;
  2. We research high selling products;
  3. We upload products that are in high demand
  4. We create content related to products and Niche;
  5. We upload necessary content required to maintain a good SEO score. These articles often get ranked on top of the Google search results;
  6. We set-up Facebook and Instagram business page for all of our websites;
  7. We set-up Facebook shop and post the products’ content schedule on the business page;
  8. We promote the website and website’s products on all social networks.

Our websites do not need sponsored ad campaigns to be profitable, however, We can ask our digital marketing experts to run sponsored campaigns on your behalf. The costs of these campaigns will be added to your tab.

How do I progress?

  • Choose a website you are interested in from our product gallery
  • Click on sign agreement/contract
  • Place an order
  • Create an account, enter login details
  • Pay a down payment of $600 via stripe or credit card
  • Make a bank transfer of the balance within 3 business days
  • Log on to your account on the website and upload bank documents
  • Once payment is confirmed within 3 business days, domain ownership will be transferred to your name and other details will be forwarded to you
  • Monthly email updates on the performance of your business will be shared.
  • Monthly profits will be transferred to your account as provided.
  • Our team is available to provide 24/7 support to clients
  • A meeting can be scheduled with the team directly from the website
  • You may check on the progress of your website at any point from your account dashboard.
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